1. How long does it take to Receive my Jewellery?

If the item is in stock we will send it out within 4 days of purchase. If an item is not in stock, it will take 2- 4 weeks before shipping. This is because items will need to be cast and then hand finished before shipping. I  will always try to keep delivery time as short as possible.

2. Where is the Jewellery Made?

All of our jewellery is hand crafted and hand finished in Europe. It starts off an idea, this evolves in to doodles and then sketches. once the idea is matured it will be carved into wax form ready for casting. I employ the help of two different specialised casting companies, who help to realise the wax carvings in to beautiful little sculpted metal creations.

Our Gold-filled chain and findings come from a supplier in Spain and when it comes to gemstones it is impossible to get all the pretty stones from Europe (although Switzerland has a fair amount of beautiful Quartz and smokey quartz crystals in their mountains) we are sourcing them through Etsy to come from different parts of the world.

3. What Size are my fingers, which size do I need?

To help you find your ring size click here to get a sizing print out that you can use to get the best estimate. Make sure you print the template scaled at 100%.

You can also have your ring size measured professionally at most goldsmiths and jewellers.

4. I do not see my size in the list online, is it still possible to get it?

We stock the most popular sizes  but if you do not find your size available I am able to offer custom sizes some extent, so please contact us.

5. My piece has changed and started looking darker and no longer shiny and bright what can I do?

Metals will naturally patina over time and while being worn it also gets affected by our bodies chemistry. Exposing your jewellery to sweat, and damp environments such as showering or washing your hands will make it go dull. If this happens, It can easily be polished up again with a jewellery polishing cloth or cleaning solution. As always if applying anything to your jewellery please read the instructions prior. For more information about how to care for your jewellery go to care and repair section.

6. My finger has turned green, why is that, am I allergic?

This will the caused bya reaction between skin chemistry or hand cream, lotions etc and the metals. These reactions occurs because PH value and chemicals in creams etc creates “copper salts” which are blue green in colour an this transfers to your skin. I does not mean you are allergic to the metal. Our PH value changes throughout  the day and during certain seasons it can cause more reactions then others.

Allergic reactions shows up as red, irritated and very itchy as skin where it has been in contact. This is what happens when people wear jewellery with nickel inside.I make sure non of my jewellery have nickle in them.

7. I have lost one of my earrings can I buy one as replacement?

We are aware that sometimes earrings can get lost or fall out even though we have tried with different types of earring backs to see if there is one that will prevent this, currently we find that the one we supply with our stud earrings are better then the rest and we have given it a thorough trail. How ever it still would happen of course we are happy to sell a single earring for you’re replacement. Just send us an email on and explain whats happened and we will help you and set up a listing with a single earring just for you.

Didn’t find the answer you where looking for, feel free contact us at any time with questions at:

We want to provide the highest level of customer service and therefore hope you will contact us if you experience problems or have enquiries in regards to our products. We will do our best to resolve all problems and provide a speedy, professional service for you convenience.

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