Tie around choker charm Necklace with heart and scroll pendant




Here is one of the best sellers and my personal favourite from our fashion jewellery collection Be True to you.

As with all our designs it is originally carved in wax and by use of lost wax casting process it is turned in to a beautiful brass or silver heart on which a loop is soldered on.

Instead of a chain this comes directly on a animal friendly suede tie around choker cord, it gives you the option of wearing it in several different ways long or short or it can be wrap up around your wrist as a bracelet if you prefer.

Brass is a natural alloy containing mostly Cooper with a bit of zinc which gives it a beautiful golden colour.

In polished state it looks similar to that of 14kt gold so giving it a wipe with accompanying polishing cloth will keep it looking shinier and bright.

It does however oxidize with time to a darker and beautiful in its own right golden colour. It can have a reaction of discoloration on the skin depending on the wearers PH level but that is nothing dangerous and can easily be washed off.

It is best to remove all jewellery before showering and sports and while applying creams, lotions, make up and sprays as this will make it tarnish faster and it is not good for the suede cord.

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Brass, Sterling silver


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