Care and Repairs

Find out how to best care for your jewellery...

“Treat your jewellery like the treasure it is and it will stay bright and shiny for ever”.

♥   Remove all jewellery before showering, bathing or swimming. Soaps, chlorine chemicals, salt water and damp environments promote the oxidisation process that dulls the shine on jewellery. 

♥   Make sure that jewellery is the last thing you put on.  This means after lotions, creams, perfumes, spray’s and make up. Chemicals can also promote oxidisation.

♥  Remove your jewellery before going to bed.  You should store it in a dry place such as a jewellery box, a plastic zip bag or its original pouch. Don’t store your jewellery in a damp place like a bathroom. As mentioned earlier warm, damp environments promote oxidisation of your jewellery causing its original shine to dull.

♥ Clean your jewellery regularly with a jewellery cloth. One is provided with every purchase but can also be found for purchase at most supermarkets. Specialised cleaning cloths for jewellery contain substances that helps rid tarnishing faster. Cleaning baths and solutions usually work great for metal but can be damaging to certain gemstones. Make sure to use any cleaning agents with care and do not leave residue on your jewellery. As always be sure to read instruction provided before use. 

 It may not always be easy to find time to follow my guidelines, however, keep these in mind to ensure a shiny happy life for your jewellery. 

OH NO it Broke....

I know that your piece is important to you and most of the time things can be repaired. It depends on what has happened and what has broken. 

For example if a stone has become loose, fallen out or is lost, stones can always be replaced. 

Excessive or rough handling can result in breakages. If there is a breakage “DON’T PANIC”. Contact me via email describing what has happened. For best assessment, it would greatly benefit if you add a photo of the jewellery item you purchased along with your purchase order.

Each incident will be managed individually keeping in mind customer satisfaction and rights.