What is Tina G Studio and what's on offer?

I  believe that Jewellery should be designed and handcrafted in smaller batches by a crafts person taking  pride in their work. I aim to use local production resources and create stunning jewels that lasts, just for you where only a few pieces of each ever exists. 

I am Tina Gunnarsson, the person behind TinaGStudio. I grew up in a small suburban town in south of Sweden and chasing my dream of jewellery making I started my creative ventures in London, 2001. After a number of years of studying and exploring design concepts I moved to Switzerland, where I currently reside, to work closely with precious metals and investigate classic jewellery making techniques.

I love creating new jewellery and explore new designs that will excite you and become your favourites for years to come.

All of my work is finished by hand in my home studio resulting in a unique piece every time. For me, it is important that jewellery looks hand made and carries with it a soul, a tiny spark of energy that is transferred from the person who created it out of ideas and passion, to its bearer.

Jewellery is a way to tell a story to add a flair or accent to our personality and outfit. It carries memories, is given as gifts, and can become a heirloom or treasure, for us, our family and friends. 


“My search for creative ideas is my own pandemonium as well as my true motivation to bring shiny, original custom designed jewellery to the world. Tinagstudio is where you will find my creative outlet.”