This is my first ever wax carved . I made a moodboard of some of the things that inspired and set the mood of this collection. My main was traditional heart with scroll tattoos, which usually contains a loved one’s  name on it. 

I was wondering I had never seen a nice 3D version of this in format. After my daughter was born I wanted something more interesting than the common disks, flat hearts or rectangles for engraving her name.

The one you will always Love…

This was actually the start my company. Following my dream of being a jewellery designer maker, I made the collection in dedication to my daughter as I want her to grow up with a confident and self made mother, A role model that she can be proud of.

I have also realised how much mental work it has taken me to work through my false beliefs. Not feeling valuable and fearing of judgement, to finally be able to put my work out there. I am still working on my mindset and removing mental blocks daily.

The first piece I made was the large pendant as that was what i wanted to have for myself and it’s the best seller from this collection. Then the small heart and other pieces like and the ring was made from that. The small heart isn’t really big enough to have engraved but you can still put some initials on there if you want and it’s more secretive that way and its still a love token non the less…

So with the one you will always love in mind… engrave it with their name of why not put “Myself” as engraving on there and show a little more self love. Chunky and solid this heart is filled with love and character to be worn daily on either a long or a short chain.

Lovers signet ring
Sweetheart bangle
Sweetheart pendant necklace

We hope you’ll like it as much we do, and don’t forget to grab your 20% discount code.

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