How to size your finger and what you need to know.

, everyone’s favourite, people love to give, get, stack and just display a hand full of goodness when it comes to but there is the eternal problem of understanding sizes.

If you’re buying a present (friendship-, promise- or engagement ring) or just want giving yourself an awesome gift, here are the things you should know.

The basics: the fit, numbers, average sizes and resizing

What you need to know about sizes is that different countries have different ways of describing the size, but In general they are all linked to either the diameter or the circumference of the inside of a ring.

To make it easier for you we have included a conversion chart with a large variety of sizes and countries, See here.

The Average :

I would say there are a couple of sizes that are used as standard, 52, 54, 56 in European, K,L,M in UK and 6,7,8 US.

Now these obviously do not fit everyone which is it’s much better when buying from a jeweler or small hand produced brand as they can either resize or custom make the right size for you.

What is the perfect fit?

Everyone wants perfection especially when it comes to the fit of a Ring am I right, so what does the perfect fit actually feel like?

Well it needs to be able to go over your knuckle, fairly easily but when you remove it you should have to wiggle it a little bit to get it off. This way you make sure it won’t become too loose and fall off when your hands are cold or swimming, this happens more often than you think. 

Of Course everyone has different shaped hands and fingers and so there might still be a few issues with the perfect fit, like when your knuckles are bigger than the base of your fingers and it results in the ring spinning.

What you should know is that everyone’s finger size fluctuate throughout the day slightly, and seasonally there will be changes as well.

We all know our bodies change as we get older, during pregnancy weight gain /loss and it is the same with our finger. his is why some people end up needing to have their wedding bands cut off when they can no remove naturally.

But in general a well-fitting ring should see you through most regular daily and seasonal changes.

What to do when it’s too big…

Unfortunately with this you only have a couple of options so choose from to resolve it if it bothers you. You can make sure you stack up lots of rings as this will squeeze the space and help prevent spinning.

You can get a ring spring or tube insert to put on for a tighter grip, these come mostly in plastic that wrap around the band. These are obviously not the most beautiful or practical alternatives but they do the job.

Depending on the metal and where you bought your ring, you can get it resized by a jewellery. This only works if it’s in , , platinum , palladium and occasionally if it’s in (depending on the Jewelers and if it has been plated or not).

some rings are sold as resizable, this generally mean they are open underneath and can be “stretched to size”. I’m personally not a fan of these myself but I do see how it is practical and useful to make rings like these.

I think they work best for people with small fingers. Making a ring bigger will leave a gap at the back that can be uncomfortable and easily get stuck in your jumpers and clothing.

Resizing rings, how does it work?

Most rings can be resized if for some reason it ends up being the wrong size.  Rings made out of precious metals and our brass rings that we stock can be resized. Platinum, gold, silver and brass rings can be resized if they don’t have stones or some kind of plating.

To make a ring smaller a little portion of the band is removed from the back and then soldered back together again, and the opposite if it to be made bigger. This then gets cleaned up, polished and will look like the rest of the ring.

When soldering rings close the heat will damage all surface treatments such as gold or rhodium plating. This makes it expensive to alter as the plating will have to be redone after fishing and polishing, therefore it’s never really offered on rings with these treatments.

For the best results when resizing a ring, going up or down 2-3 sizes is what I would advise.

It does depend on the type of ring as an eternity ring is not really resizable for example. I have resized rings bigger than 3 sizes larger, it becomes tricky to keep the ring round lot of metal is added or removed.

If you find a ring in our you love but we haven’t listed your size you can always contact us about a different size, we are happy to help..

We do make engagement and wedding rings but only through custom orders so I have not mention all there is to know within this topic in this post, feel free to let me know if you would like me to provide an in depth guide on this topic and I’ll be happy to do so… and if you have and ring- or jewellery related questions send me a message any time, Im always happy to chat bling.

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